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The University of Texas System

Student Health Insurance Plan Waiver Requirements

The UT System has established criteria in which an international student can request a waiver to the student health insurance plan by providing alternate health insurance coverage. In order to be approved for a waiver, your alternate health coverage must meet or exceed the requirements as set in the System Regulation.

  • Criteria to submit a waiver request:
    1. Sponsored Plan (US Government, Foreign Government, Embassy)
      • Must guarantee payment of all health care expenses in writing or
      • Must be ACA compliant
    2. UT Employee Group Health Plan (will be ACA compliant)
    3. US Employer Plan (will be ACA compliant)
    4. US Individual Plan purchased from the Exchange (will be ACA compliant)
      • Carrier letter indicating Metal Tier and Qualified Health Plan certification (see notes)
    5. Enrolled exclusively in distance learning programs
  • If you meet one of the above criteria, then your alternate health insurance coverage must meet the following minimum requirements:
    1. Unlimited maximum on benefits
    2. No Pre-existing condition limitation
    3. $500 or less deductible
  • If your alternate coverage meets the above minimum requirements, acquire the following scanned documents to submit a waiver request:
    1. The front and back of your insurance card
    2. The insurance policy benefits summary, in English, that identifies you as a covered individual, provides the dates of your coverage, and clearly indicates that the coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirement. Coverage amounts must be in US dollars.
    3. The proof of medical evacuation and repatriation coverage (if you have this coverage)


  1. The carrier letter for a US Individual Plan must include a signed, official letter on letterhead stating:
    Plan holder name and date of birth

    • Insurance carrier and plan name
    • Start date and end date of coverage
    • Metal tier of Plan (must be Gold or better)
    • Confirmation that the plan is certified for sale as a Qualified Health Plan (QHP)

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